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What’s the difference between failure and success in
1. Believe you can. I wanna be a success! I wanna be a success!
2. Have the right associations. Network where the best customers and
prospects go.
3. Expose yourself to what’s new. If you’re not learning every day – your
competition is.
4. Plan the day. Are your plans and goals in front of your face every day?
5. Become valuable. Become known as a resource, not a salesperson.
6. Have the answers your prospects and customers need.
7. Take responsibility. Get the job done no matter what. Don’t blame others
or yourself.
8. Take action. Nothing happens until you do something to make it happen.

9. Make mistakes. The best teacher is failure. It is the breeding ground of
10. Be willing to risk. Taking chances is a common thread among every
successful person. Most people won’t risk because they fear the
unknown. If you want to succeed, you’d better be willing to risk whatever
it takes to get there.
11. Keep your eyes on the prize. Post your goals. Stay focused on your
dreams and they will become reality.
12. Balance yourself. Your physical, spiritual and emotional health are vital to
your success. Plan your time to allow your personal goals to be
synergized with your work goals.
13. Invest, don’t spend. Reduce your spending and make a few investments
each month.
14. Stick at it until you win. Most people fail because they quit too soon.
15. Develop and maintain a positive attitude.
16. Ignore idiots and zealots. These people will try to rain on your parade
because they have no parade of their own. Avoid them at all costs.
The biggest secret (and the biggest obstacle) to success is you. The formula is
there for everyone to know – BUT, there is a big difference in knowing what to
do, and doing it.

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